2D Animation Services

Don’t tell, just show them up through motions!

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2D animation involves a rapid display of images one-by-one at a very fast speed. This further creates an illusion of the moving pictures to create a story. We at bridgapp offer the best 2D animation services that use different techniques to create stunning and creative animations for clients and help their businesses to achieve good sales.

We are a leading 2D animation company which creates impressive multimedia presentations so that you can easily increase the appeal among your valued customers. Be it a corporate presentation or the training module for an employee, we are highly reliable in creating design that has the perfect combination of interactivity media convergence that gives you the scope to put your views among clients. We have a skilled team of capable animators that produce unique and exciting animations that keep the customers involved. We have extensive experience and expertise to create the most original multimedia 2D animations that will make you praise us.

Services we offer

When you work with bridgapp 2D animation video services, our team will bring you the best. We complete our work in the given time frame and timeline, depending on the project specifications and the client’s requirements.. Our custom 2D animation services include:

  • 2D character animation designing
  • Complete production services
  • Technical animation and simulation
  • Distribution
  • Interactive animation
  • Distribution
our team

our team

Our 2D animation process

We believe in providing the best-quality services to our valued clients. We follow a systematic approach which is streamlined to provide all the clients with the best 2D animation and 2D explainer video services. The key steps that we follow include:

  • First we prepare a script
  • Then storyboard is created based upon the script
  • A voiceover track is recorded and then synchronized with the storyboard
  • A layout is designed once the storyboard is finalized
  • Then an animation is developed to look and feel the animation
  • Using CSS, key frames are created to add movement in the animation
  • Then animation is cleaned and colored
  • Flash is performed to animate the objects, pictures and stimulate dialogues etc.

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We offer industry-specific services and customize them as the customer’s requirements and market needs.