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You may have an interactive e-learning material or the flash-based website

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HTML5 is the latest version of HTML that works well and effectively across all the browsers and devices. It offers a rich browsing and hassle-free experience to the users and developers to work with. All the businesses are switching to HTML 5 version as it can be easily accessed on all the devices. Flash to HTML 5 conversion makes it really easier for the users to access apps, websites, games and more on the go. So, if your e-learning material, simulations, animations, course content, audio and video content etc., is based on flash, then it’s time to make the right move for HTML 5 conversion.

It is nothing new for the e-learning industry that today conversion of flash based courses and materials to HTML 5 is very popular. This conversion means building the content smoother and easy to access on multiple devices where flash is not supported. At bridgapp, we offer end-to-end Flash to HTML5 conversion services. With our vast experience and expertise, we can future-proof your learning solutions by converting the flash-based courses to HTML version. You may have an interactive e-learning material or the flash-based website; we can help you to rewrite it in HTML 5 version.

We have the team of expert graphic designers, conversion specialists, mobile developers and e-learning developers that implement industry-best practices to enhance the functionality of your course content and convert flash to HTML5. Our team can precisely convert the rich multimedia content into HTML 5 with transitions, animations and other interactive features. We also offer interactive SWF to HTML 5 conversion services involving all levels of complexities.

Our services include:
  • Converting Adobe flash based content into HTML 5 with JavaScript and CSS3
  • ActionScript to JavaScript conversion
  • Flash video to HTMl 5 conversion
  • E-Learning content development in HTML 5

To convert your flash-based legacy e-learning content to the rich HTML5, get in touch with our specialists today!

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