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With evolving technologies, the need for high-end e-learning is also on rise.

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Using simulations is an effective way that helps learners to understand the complicated concepts in e-learning. Analyzing the learning needs and providing hands-on-practice is important for the students. The idea is to make learning fun and transparent. Simulations are of many kinds including software simulations, engineering simulation software, learning games etc. If you want to show how something works, simulation software makes it easy to make the learner understand the interworking of concept.

We are a leading digital media and E-learning Company offering innovative software simulations services and solutions. These are being created to give learners chance to explore and practice on software before actually working on them. With evolving technologies, the need for high-end e-learning is also on rise. Simulation based elearning is a training mode of delivering knowledge which is extensively used in corporate sector to motivate the learners.

How elearning is done with simulation software?

The simulation based elearning software trains the learners to become familiar with the working of the concepts. This helps them to see, understand and practice.

The levels of software simulation include the below ones:
  • Screen Capture: This is the simplest form that displays the screen captured from the real software. Screen capture simulation software is useful while demonstrating the simple process or functionality. These are of limited use for developing in-depth understanding of navigation and data entry.
  • Point and Click: This is the most basic interactive simulation. In this form, information may appear in the form of popup box. These are used for illustrating simple things like providing information about a series of drop-down menus on single screen where there is no requirement of data entry.
  • Data Input: This type of software simulation provides robust application-style interactivity that simulates input elements like check boxes, drop-down areas and the data entry fields. These offer step-by-step guidance and contextual explanation in the form of audio and transcript. This is the most-effective interactive training video software which is useful for developing skills and knowledge of the learners.
  • Multiple Input Paths: These are complex simulations that are useful for those who may already know about the basics of a program but need to sharpen their skills.
  • Full Simulation: : It covers all the possible simulations within the software program. This is suitable where learners need access to full range of features and functionality of the software. This is used for practice and confidence building, and makes the learners proficient.

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