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The process of transcription is designed to simplify those complex barriers of different languages and accents that exist in today’s global business world. The transcription process involves conversion from voice to text form. bridgapp is the best transcription services company in Kenya offering affordable and professional transcription services including audio video transcription and data transcription services. We have a team of professional transcriptionists, customer support specialists and proofreaders ensuring best-in-class results as per your business requirements.

Our professional transcription services online offer best quality and price ratio. Everything is transcribed by the humans using modern transcription programs to ensure the highest quality. Our team has professional language experts that are extremely qualified to offer the best audio video transcription services for the wide range of industries ensuring that the transcript you receive is accurate and within the proposed timeframe. Our key goal is your happiness and this is the reason why our transcriptions always undergo several quality checks. Our 4-step transcription process ensures maximum accuracy and includes:

  • Transcription: First, the files are divided into sections and then these are transcribed by our experts.
  • Reviews: Sections are edited then and speaker tracking is added to it before moving to proofreading
  • Proofreading: Now after editing, the files sections are merged and proofreading is done to ensure the best quality of text.
  • Quality check: Further, transcript is proofread again to ensure 99.99% accuracy.

These services give you access to global market. Our team has relevant market experience to transcribe video audio to text and audio from video quickly and accurately. At bridgapp, we believe in delivering the quality work with maximum accuracy, confidentiality and within given timeframe. Contact us today to know more about the audio transcription services and we will be pleased to hear from you.

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